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Vaughn College – Website

Vaughn College

EGC developed a brand new website for Vaughn College that truly reflects their futureproof messaging, as it brings a modern website experience to students. When you arrive at the website, you are greeted with a video of a student’s perspective of the school, which showcases all the different career fields that are possible with a Vaughn education. The new website was highly raved about by current students, faculty and prospective students.

We took a fresh take on a college campus tour. EGC produced a virtual campus tour through Vaughn College where you get the full experience from a drone’s perspective.

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We wanted to make sure we spoke directly to our audience, so we integrated boomerangs, text bubble animations and the use of emojis ✈️

We utilized Vaughn’s existing single sign on (SSO) system to allow students, faculty, and staff to gain access to the portal. The portal recognizes their user type, and displays the content relevant to their access level.