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Life is better with TRUETEETH.

Getting dental implants has always been a life-changing experience. But now, it’s even better with TRUETEETH. What used to take months can now take only a day. In this spot, real patients describe how TRUETEETH has vastly improved their lives while an actual TRUETEETH doctor details the simple process. In addition, we’ve branded the beautiful results as the “TRUETEETH Smile” so patients will know to ask for it by name.

This is not an impulse purchase, so a supportive media plan was designed to reach the target across several different mediums and touchpoints throughout their day. The media combines awareness tactics as well as capturing those with intent. EGC leveraged our media relationships to deliver a strategic mix of long- and short-form TV commercials.

Simply put, this campaign educates and communicates that life is better with TRUETEETH.