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Thompson Reuters EDiscovery Point

Thomson Reuters

eDiscovery Point


When Legal Managed Services began working on the eDiscovery Point launch, the challenge was that Thomson Reuters was going to be ‘last-to-market.’ This meant that all of the customer prospects had already signed onto competitive platforms and invested time and energy to learn those platforms.

Thomson Reuters needed a way to:

  • Get the attention of busy lawyers
  • Let them know that a new eDiscovery software exists
  • Connect in a way that would make these lawyers consider switching eDiscovery software providers, despite the complexity and time involved


In collaboration with Thomson Reuters, EGC performed a competitive assessment which found that most legal software providers focus their message on efficiencies of time or money. Though eDiscovery Point was faster and more efficient than its competition, EGC chose to break from convention. EGC built a two-phased effort, starting with a teaser campaign that focused attention around the pain points that existed with the current competitive software options. Then, with lawyers more open to considering an alternative, we launched an effort that conveyed how Thomson Reuters’ software makes a user feel (not savings of time or money).


To reach litigators and their support staff, we ran print and display ads in targeted publications and sites. Building on the media, we hit the Legaltech conference in New York with a variety of experiential tactics to ensure that everyone in attendance knew they had to give eDiscovery Point a look. From vikings (taken from the print) on orange hoverboards, to bathroom clinks that make you look like a viking when you look in the mirror, the impact was tangible and the sales force reported a strong response based on the campaign. Within the first year, subscription goals for the eDiscovery Point software were met and surpassed.