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Ten Pin Brewing

Ten Pin Brewing Company

A New Brand from Scratch

When major league baseball star BJ Garbe retired from the Florida Marlins he decided to pursue his passion for beer by opening–up a brewery in his hometown of Moses Lake, Washington. It was named Ten Pin Brewing as a dedication to his family’s long history and passion for bowling, sports, and entertainment.

EGC Group was hired to develop the brand strategy, brand identity, packaging, and marketing materials. Ten Pin Brewing grew from 1,000 barrels annually, to 5,000 barrels in just 3 years. Ten Pin Brewing won “Brewery of the Year” in their first year of business, and 17 prestigious beer awards since.

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Create a sharp, sporty, bowling-inspired brewery logo.

Brand Identity translated into attractive, colorful, drinkable packaging.

Innovative and cohesive collateral that amplifies the brand.

Dynamic packaging that moves liquid fast.

Beautiful bomber line extension and small–batch limited editions.