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Stadelman’s Fruit – Commitment to Quality

Juicy Tidbits

Instead of creating a website with copy and images, we did something unexpected for Stadelman’s audience. We asked, “What could the people who visit the site use most?” So, we incorporated an interactive “fruit variety indicator,” to show people when a fruit is ripest, a recipe portal, and helpful info for farm-to-table goodness.

Stadelman’s may be the most modern 100-year-old company around. This site goes a long way to show that. It’s super-fresh. (Excuse the pun.)

Jim McCune, Executive Director, Craft Beverage

We design with the user in mind. Stadelman’s website visitors want information delivered in a cool and interesting way. There’s something here to sink their teeth in or just browse around. It’s about keeping users engaged with the brand.

What’s sweeter than free stuff?

We developed a portal for the site where users can download and share free recipes for all kinds of tasty concoctions.

Free Recipes