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Red Mango – Cold Brew

Red Mango

Bitter Bean

Red Mango introduced its Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee at the same time category leaders like Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s were launching a variety of new cold coffee products.

With so many options available, being different wouldn’t be enough. We had to make Red Mango’s cold coffee superior.

That started when we focused on its uniquely smooth taste, which comes from an artisanal process that extracts all the rich flavors of the bean, without the bitterness.

Working from that product truth, we built a campaign around a Bitter Bean character that humorously brought to life the difference between Red Mango’s product and other iced coffees. In a plan that included TV, digital video, social media, PR, and in-restaurant signage and displays, we drove home the point that heat can make coffee taste bitter, which is why Red Mango cold brews their coffee to give you a smooth taste without the bitterness.