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Purple Project for Democracy – We the Purple

Rebranding Democracy

The Purple Project for Democracy

EGC was asked to help launch The Purple Project for Democracy, “a non-partisan coalition, campaign and movement” to help restore faith in the fundamentals of what our country was built on. EGC created a campaign platform by taking one of the most influential American documents and changing the line “We the People” to “We the Purple” – and the campaign began to take shape.


Let’s hijack Thanksgiving. Seriously.

The Purple Project for Democracy felt the holiday that could best serve as a launch point for the campaign was Thanksgiving. What better time to stir up conversation about democracy? To do this, EGC created social media assets and a tool kit to help start the conversation.

Purple Recipes

It’s time to disrupt this year’s Thanksgiving feast – literally – by turning a favorite dish purple. This is a fun but direct way to push the necessary dialogue to the forefront.

Venn Diagrams

A simple visual representation of how differing perspectives and opinions are embraced. Through democracy – no matter the issue – we have a system where we can meet in the middle.

Get Grandpa to Wear Purple

Challenge accepted! Get Gramps to bust out the purple cardigan or sweater vest, support democracy, and share it for all to see!

Open Up a Can of Democracy

One of our favorite items in the tool kit.

How it works: Print the label, wrap a can, put it on the Thanksgiving table – and let the conversation being.

It’s like the talking stick; whoever has it has the floor. They take this moment to reflect on thankfulness for our American freedoms and what democracy means to them. Plus, the label will have some fun facts to keep the conversation going. It will be delicious and informative.

In The News

Video Concept Development

This is WTP News (We The Purple)

29% of the public recently expressed support for either a “strong leader” or “army rule.”

With that fact in mind, EGC came up with the idea of creating a satirical news network existing in a non-democratic society reporting on current events. The concept was scripted, shot, and produced by Bob Garfield, a Purple Project for Democracy co-organizer, journalist and author.

Watch the Video


The initial goal of the Purple Project for Democracy was to get people to wear purple in support of democracy during the month of November. To simplify the movement, EGC created social media profile filters to give people a way to wear purple digitally, and then share!

Wear Purple