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Max Brenner – Sweeter Place

Max Brenner

Make The World A Sweeter Place

To help celebrate Max Brenner’s 20th anniversary, we created a powerful integrated idea comprised of interactive in-store displays, attention grabbing environmental experiences, and inventive social media programs. The concept positioned Max Brenner as the chocolate retailer that helps “make the world a sweeter place.”

To kick off the campaign, Max Brenner street teams offered New Yorkers free hot chocolate on a cold winter day, resulting in smiles, laughter, and a sweetening of their daily commute.

To capture this fun and exciting experience, we produced an entertaining short film and shared the video on Facebook, drawing in new customers with a discount for an in-store purchase. This program reached hundreds of thousands of new users, resulting in close to 3,000 clicks for the offer.

It didn’t end there. The street teams handed out coupons to drive traffic to the store, where customers could enter a “sweetstakes” to win a year of chocolate sweetness and take a picture in front of the dramatic “sweet selfie spot” display. To encourage social sharing, customers who posted a pic and tagged Max Brenner received 20% off their purchase.

Additionally, we asked: “How can we use social listening to amplify our message?” The answer resulted in an unexpected Twitter program that parsed tweets to find people who needed their day sweetened. Once identified, we reached out to these people directly with discounts for Max Brenner products to help add something sweet to their day.

Needless to say, we helped sweeten the day of many New Yorkers – while satisfying Max Brenner’s sweet tooth for a happy 20th anniversary.