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KISS – Confident


Teaching the World how to be KISS Confident

When an established competitor dominates market share, what do you do? You roll up your sleeves and work like a challenger brand – scrappy, boldly and fast.

So, we created two impactful campaigns for KISS lashes, one for each line of products. For the Lash Couture line, we combined the package design with a new twist on their theme line.

For their portfolio line, we developed a strategic consumer insight. Specifically, the addition of some pop to their look (with KISS lashes) gave the target consumer added self-assurance that they look their absolute best. This emotional lift is the end benefit of the product for the consumer, so the work needed to pay that off. The theme line we created – “Be KISS Confident” – became the anchor for the campaign and a brand mantra for the KISS portfolio product line. We told this story in a first-person narrative, speaking in the target’s language, which made the brand more relatable.

For both the Lash Couture and Lash Portfolio campaigns, we strategically utilized Facebook and Instagram platforms and featured single-image ads, vertical Image ads, GIFs, video, carousel (w/video inclusion) and Instagram story ads.

Our bold initiative resulted in over 17MM impressions on Facebook, more than 7MM post engagements on Facebook, in excess of 18MM impressions on Instagram, greater than 5MM post engagements on Instagram, above 250K clicks on Facebook/Instagram, and 8,000 residual page likes. Not only did our ads establish a brand presence to encourage conversation and generate traffic to the landing page, but they helped grow the organic KISS community.

Photo Shoot

Social Campaign

Landing Page Header

Lash Couture Instagram posts

Social Icon and tagline

Behind the Scenes