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Jovia Credit Union

Case Study

Influencer campaign delivers tremendous returns for credit union

The Client

Jovia Financial is a credit union dedicated to serving and educating their community. From buying a home, to saving for college, or funding a retirement – Jovia helps members achieve their financial goals.

The Challenge:

Jovia sought EGC’s expertise to deliver a top-of-the-line social media strategy that would help them grow brand awareness and reach on Instagram and TikTok.

The Strategy:

Our approach was to partner with national influencers who would communicate the importance of financial literacy in a fun and engaging way. To reach a larger audience, we made sure influencer content was posted as collaborated Reels on Instagram, meaning that the post shared to both the influencer and Jovia’s pages simultaneously, reaching both audiences. Collaborated Reels has proven to be among the top-performing posts of all time on Jovia’s page.

While some of our larger influencers had a national footprint, it was important for us to highlight Jovia’s local roots on Long Island for the past 85+ years. We tapped into local influencers and creators who helped us push sponsored events and shared an inside peek into local branches.

Measuring Success


Increase in Engagements


Increase in Impressions


Increase in Overall Followers


Increase in Video Views

The Results

Since launching our influencer campaign, we more than tripled impressions and increased engagements by over 500%. Partnering with authentic influencers in the financial space helped Jovia expand their reach, while making finances engaging and educational.