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Granite and TREND Transformations – Get to the After Faster

Get to the After Faster

Granite Transformations

Since our Janet from Granite campaign was so successful, we continued our campaign with a rollout of the assets across digital and traditional channels.

We refined our strategy to speak to their core benefit of a faster remodel than the traditional approach. The post-pandemic remodeling category saw a huge increase in demand but supply chain issues stalled product for most competitors.

Since Granite Transformations manufactures and installs all their product, our new campaign “Get to the after faster” really help separate them from the pack. The category always shows before and afters, we saw this as an opportunity to showcase our beautiful remodels in a fresh way. Before is a bore, lets get to the after.
This campaign was featured in 

Inspired by TikTok, we showcase Janet in before and after videos of Kitchens and Bathrooms in a modern way and very organic to the social platforms.

A brand can go a long way by having a great, recognizable spokesperson consumers adore.


Before’s a bore. So we created an new way to feature before and afters of Granite Transformations Kitchens and Bathrooms.