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Gerber Finance – Gerber Podcast

Gerber Finance

EGC developed a brand new modern website, along with ongoing digital marketing campaigns that are designed to increase organic website traffic and brand visibility, and also capture qualified leads. Through EGC’s Content Studio, we produced Gerber Finance’s first-ever monthly podcast, as well as short videos for social. Additionally, EGC also designs social content and develops monthly blogs for Gerber Finance.

We integrated a new monthly podcast for Gerber Finance called “We Grow Together,” which is produced through EGC’s Content Studio. The content speaks to a variety of timely and relevant topics within financial lending and business growth and is hosted by Gerber Finance’s CEO. Listen in to one of our favorites:

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EGC developed Gerber Finance’s first-ever blog and produces monthly content ranging from lending insights to business growth best practices. Each blog is developed to include key terms that will increase organic rankings and website traffic. These blogs are promoted on social.