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Garvies Point Brewery – Enjoy the Moment

Garvies Point Brewery

Enjoy the Moment

Garvies Point Brewery is one of New York’s most popular breweries that produces handcrafted, small batch microbrews on the North Shore of Long Island’s Gold Coast. Garvies Point specializes in brewing contemporary American craft beer with the finest quality ingredients and intrinsic attention to detail. In 2015, EGC was hired as Garvies Point Brewery’s Agency of Record, and we designed its logo, brand identity, tap handles, and beer packaging.

EGC first established Garvies Point Brewery’s brand identity with a sexy, hand-illustrated, “Hops Mermaid Goddess” ship figurehead.

The illustration was used as the centerpiece of the Garvies Point Brewery logo.

EGC designed the Garvies Point Brewery tap handle to resemble an antique ship throttle.

EGC designed Garvies Point’s steadily-growing line of hyper-fresh canned beers with fun, unique-looking packaging for a bold shelf presence.