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Competition Auto Group – Competition is Good

Competition Automotive Group

Competition Is Good


EGC conducted research and found an opportunity to capitalize on cross promotions between six Competition-owned dealerships that were not being leveraged. Customers who purchased a Mercedes-Benz were not aware that a dealership in the same Group and family also sold Subarus and Toyotas.


This research directed us to create “group” ads that were different and that were able to cut through the clutter while delivering a defining brand message. “Competition Is Good”. This campaign platform speaks to the fact that the dealerships under the Competition Automotive Group umbrella were indeed good in every way. The fact that competition enhances a businesses performance, benefits the consumer. When we produced this campaign, all of the dealerships were going through manufacturer mandated showroom updates so we could not use existing showroom footage to promote the dealerships in the group.


But, we found a solution: we utilized eye-opening stock video footage of people in various situations which emphasized elements of competition. For example, a dancing cheerleader Grandma on the sidelines of a football game with the pay off of “Competition Never Gets Old”. Or a skier tumbling down the mountain and then landing back on his feet again with the payoff of “Competition Never Quits” and even a scrappy cat fighting off an alligator with the caption “Competition Favors the bold”.

This campaign led to a 15% increase in foot traffic at Competition Auto Group dealerships and got our competitive juices flowing.