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Canon – Selphy




In a digital age where most people are printing photos less frequently than ever, Canon turned to EGC to help them launch their newest SELPHY Photo Printer – the CP910. To succeed, we needed to make printed photos relevant in a world obsessed with viewing them on-screen instead.


We found a path to relevance by forgoing a larger mass audience, to focus specifically on Crafters. By narrowing our target, we were able to talk directly to people who would have the most interest in, and usage occasions, for printed photos.


Creatively, we sought to demonstrate why Crafters have to have the SELPHY using some unexpected humor. Rather than showing traditional scrap bookers doing their thing, we created a video about a “ruthless gang” of Scrap Bikers. While they looked tough on the outside, these lovable rough riders were true scrap bookers on the inside. The unexpected reveal helped us get the audience’s attention while also featuring key product benefits like portability, waterproof no-streak photo prints, and being able to print directly from your phone. Who knew crafting could be so cool?