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Brother – Project Runway


Project Runway

Brother International needed to expand beyond their existing customer base in order to boost their own sales, as well as help secure a future for a faltering industry.

Stealing competitive share would only sustain Brother for so long, so EGC brainstormed ways to help Brother develop a whole NEW customer – a fashion-oriented twenty-something that could sustain a 50+ year relationship with Brother. In a “make it work” moment, EGC brokered a deal with the popular reality TV Show Project Runway, where Brother became their sole sewing sponsor and entered into an exclusive licensing agreement.

For six seasons (and counting), Brother has been seen by 2+ million prospects each week, delivering reach and brand equity that could not be achieved with a typical media buy. As a result, a new generation of sewers is entering dealer stores, and sales of entry-level machines, Project Runway-branded machines and requests for sewing classes have grown every year since the partnership began.