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Tony Pasquariello

account supervisor

Tony P.

What exactly do you "do" at EGC?
I manage a diversified portfolio of accounts with a strong emphasis on Retail and Lead Generation.

Before joining EGC, where did you work?
I worked at D&R Advertising, but really, I've spent the vast majority of my career right here at EGC.

How do you delight clients every day?
I get things done. My motto is: "You're either all in or you're all out."

How has Social Media impacted traditional media?
I think it's the other way around. We now utilize traditional media to have an impact on our social media programs.

What was your proudest career moment?
I was the voice of "Cheap John," one of our earliest clients. We needed a distinct voice, so I jumped right in there. I just can't help it; I'm a natural "ham".

Where are you from?
Brooklyn. 'Nuff said.

What inspires you?
Random acts of kindness and charity.

What is the most surprising fact about you?
I'm a songwriter and I play keyboards. Got any weddings coming up?

Tony Pasquariello
Tony Pasquariello
Tony Pasquariello
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