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Nicole Penn

Nicole Penn

Chief Executive Officer

What exactly do you do at EGC?

I’m basically just here to cheer on the amazing people I’m lucky to work with each day. I’m in awe of what they can do.

When I’m not doing that, I’m traveling the world, telling our story and looking for new partnerships, new technology that can enhance our clients’ businesses (and also new beer).

Where do you think the advertising business is headed?

I don’t really think we’re in the advertising business anymore. If I told you I was going to sit you in a room, and advertise to you all day long, would you be excited about that?

What you would be excited about, and what we’re seeing people today get excited about, is when they experience unexpected creative and technology solutions that have either educated them, helped them, made them laugh, or made them think.

My background has always been a mix of art (I’m actually a would-be painter), commerce (I started my own logo design business as a teenager), and technology (I am passionate about how its changing all of our lives).

So, the fact that I can bring that to brands I believe in as a career, is a true blessing.

Describe your proudest career moment.

It’s a recurring moment – during our annual charity event, CreateAthon. The passion and energy that my team dedicates to deserving charities, it’s heartwarming and profound and inspiring.

Most surprising fact about you?

I know almost every lyric of old school hip hop. Oh, and one more – I’m an Iron Chef (or hope to be). I’m in love with cooking, and if there was a “Worldwide Paella-Making Contest” I would have won already.