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Lara Bass

Lara Bass

Chief Operating Officer

Before joining EGC, where did you work?

The majority of my career has been spent at NYC-based agencies managing client relationships for a wide variety of clients.

What exactly do you "do" at EGC?

I support the account team and help to ensure clients are happy. My goal is for work to be delivered on strategy and on time. I also play a planning role at the agency, working with clients to anticipate future needs and encouraging them to try new things. It is equally important to me that our internal team remains happy, challenged and fulfilled.

How do you delight clients every day?

It all starts with understanding your clients as people and truly understanding their business. Once you establish a good working relationship and open lines of communication, things fall into place from there. I also always try to keep in mind how each initiative and campaign falls into the bigger picture and addresses a business need.

Any partners, spouses or pets you want to mention?

Of course. My amazing family keeps me grounded, constantly entertained and smiling. I’ve known my husband, BJ, since elementary school and we have the two most incredible daughters, Dylan and Alex. No pets for us – two girls are plenty!

What do you do for fun?

Family time is most important for me. Truly anything we do together is fun and filled with lots of laughs.

Do your parents really understand what you do for a living?

Not sure they truly understand, though they certainly try and I love them regardless.