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Angela Mertz

Angela Mertz

Vice President, Integrated Media


Don’t have one that I am aware of. Why? Have you heard anything?

What exactly do you “do” at EGC?

I purchase media space in all forms both online and offline. Plus, I’m notorious in the industry for being a very tough negotiator. And I like it that way.

Before joining EGC, where did you work?

At Bates USA on the Miller Beer and Estee Lauder accounts. It was fun. We had closets and closets full of free beer and makeup.

Where are you from?

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn. In case you didn’t get that…BROOKLYN!

Why did you choose marketing as a career?

I love talking – marketing involves a lot of talking. It turned out to be a natural fit for me.

How do you delight clients every day?

I save them lots of time and money on their media campaigns, and help drive traffic to their locations/websites in droves. What client wouldn’t be delighted about that?

How has social media impacted traditional media?

Not that much. You see, it’s actually the other way around. Social media efforts are only successful with the help/reach of traditional media. They need traditional media to kick start them and be their “launching pad”.

Any partners, spouses or pets you want to mention?

Christopher, James and Samantha. By the way, those are my kids not my cats. Oh, and my husband Gene too, of course.

Do your parents really understand what you do for a living? Do you really care?

They have NO clue and nope it doesn’t bother me at all.