Steve Biegel

director, copy & content

Before joining EGC, where did you work?

I cut my teeth at the legendary agency – Ammirati & Puris – right out of school. I built my book by going to SVA at night and was the first junior copywriter ever hired there. Since then, I’ve worked at big agencies like Ogilvy, co-owned a creative boutique, and worked on some of the world’s best brands.

What work are you proudest of?

Many of us go through careers in this business trying to sell people things they don’t need, or worse, can’t afford. I’ve been fortunate enough to touch people in a more positive way with a campaign I did for AIG Insurance. The theme was: “The Greatest Risk Is Not Taking One.” That powerful message, delivered with disruptive executions, actually moved people to act differently and attack challenges in their lives. In fact, as the campaign was running, I was handed a letter from a viewer who was bed-ridden for two years with chronic depression that said, “After seeing one of your commercials, I pushed myself out of bed. Thanks for the motivation.” This work was also recognized by the industry, winning the David Ogilvy Award, Ogilvy President’s Award, and a trip to the Cannes advertising festival.

What’s your favorite advertising cliché?

Love ’em all, don't you?

Favorite TV show?

All time – The Twilight Zone. Then there’s Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Ray Donovan – um, yeah, the cable bill isn''t pretty.

Favorite food? 

Still miss mom's cooking. Brisket, Swedish Meatballs, Sticky Chicken and a dish she called "Mish-Mosh."   

Biggest peeve about this business?

We leave a lot on the table.


“Beegs,” but Rich DeSimone has been calling me “Bieber” lately. Maybe it’s the moves.


Steve Biegel
Steve Biegel
Steve Biegel

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