craft brewery film series

Featuring: Revolution Brewing, Founders Brewing, sierra nevada brewing, and threes brewing; produced for slg. 

To showcase SLG’s innovative keg management and supply chain solutions, EGC went straight to the brewers who use – and benefit – from what SLG has to offer. The outcome was a series of immersive, storyteller videos that show the purest form of client testimonials and how SLG's solutions provide for a successful brewery business for its clients – regardless if they are a startup or have been in the business for years.

Long-form Storyteller Film from Revolution Brewing, Chicago’s largest craft brewery.

Long-form Storyteller Film from Founders Brewing, Michigan’s largest craft brewery.

Long-form Storyteller Film from Sierra Nevada Brewing’s newest East Coast facility in Mills River, North Carolina.

Long-form Storyteller Film from Brooklyn’s hottest craft brewery, Threes Brewing.


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