Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Did you ever Google something and not find it? How frustrating is that? Now, imagine potential customers trying to find your business and not succeeding. Worse, imagine they find your competition first. That's why Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as pay per click (PPC) advertising is so important. It allows you to quickly capture the attention of your potential customers.

At The EGC Group, our search engine marketing specialists are able to develop strategies that combine various aspects of search and digital marketing to create campaigns that are cost-effective and provide positive ROI. Using a combination of proprietary and industry-leading management and analytics tools, the search engine marketing specialists at EGC manage pay per click campaigns that provide lower cost per actions and a higher volume of results. As a Google Adwords Certified Partner, EGC uses all of the latest Google products and best practices.

Pay Per Click Management (ppc)

The EGC Group offers full-service search engine marketing management driven by the simple premise of driving positive ROI. Using a proprietary process that effectively manages a client’s full portfolio of keywords, EGC closely manages each and every keyword, ad group and campaign to optimize and deliver positive results.

Our proprietary search engine marketing management process for our clients includes:
  • Customer Path Analysis
  • Purchase Process Analysis
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Keyword & Negative Keyword Discovery & Selection
  • Campaign & Ad Group Setup
  • Campaign & Ad Group Setup based on unique client attributes
  • Landing-Page Design, Testing & Optimization
  • Proprietary Conversion Tracking Process
  • Pay Per Click Keyword Bid Management

Full Reporting and Analysis

With a successful paid search marketing campaign the growth of visits, leads and ultimately sales is an attainable goal.

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