Public Relations

There’s a story behind every brand that goes beyond mere advertising. Sometimes it’s a product launch. Sometimes it’s a corporate sponsorship. At other times, it is such exciting news that you simply need to get the word out. No matter what the news is that you have to share, the EGC Group can help. Serving clients nationwide from New York to California, our traditional and digital public relations services will create the story of your brand and get the right people talking.

EGC's Public Relations Plan: More than Traditional

At the EGC Group, we focus on your message and reinforce your brand with public relations vehicles that create natural connections. We understand that today’s audiences can, and will, go around you and talk directly to each other about your products and brand via online communication.

The PR services of our advertising agency monitor all media channels to seize trending, current and event-driven opportunities.

While traditional PR is a very one-way means of communicating with an audience, our digital PR team understands the importance of transforming traditional PR into natural conversations by speaking directly to a hyper-targeted online audience. 

In addition, we take charge of your public relations events by developing themes, arranging speakers and locations, and developing custom support materials.

Crisis Management & Response Services

We understand that when a crisis hits, every action matters.

A single crisis could destroy your brand, reputation and customer loyalty. It is critical that brands manage a crisis so they are in control, not the event.

When your company is being bombarded with media inquiries and public judgement, we offer a single point of contact that will jump in and manage your strategic messaging and reputation. 

In a time of crisis, we make it easy to engage our services.

  • 24/7/365 rapid-response crisis management team
  • Situation assessment and short-term planning
  • Message development (statements, press releases, talking points and more)
  • Crisis-related media outreach, response, coordination, etc.
  • Online monitoring

The public relations services of our New York-based advertising agency:

  • Digital and traditional public relations campaigns
  • Digital content partnerships (work with online media to become their go-to “expert” in your field)
  • Reputation management
  • Strategic communications and editorial development
  • Media training
  • Press conferences
  • Speaker placements and speech writing
  • Trade show events
  • Event planning
  • Crisis Management

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