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Post Covid Consumer Behavior Ebook

Research: Post-COVID Consumer Behavior

As everyone gradually emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many questions about how, where and what to adapt to in restarting or rebuilding digital strategies. The key is to understand how COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior—now, and for all time. EGC has collected data and has analyzed client cases, media partners, and retailers, and we present our findings in this report.

In this proprietary research report, you will learn:

  1. The Shorter Consumer Shopping Journey and Changes to Brand Loyalty
  2. The Psychology Behind “Revenge Spending”
  3. Rediscovered Value of Supporting Local Businesses
  4. The New Normal of Schedule Shifts: Blending Home and Career Demands Together

Learn how to use these points of discovery to rebuild your relationships with your existing and potential customer base.

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