Watch EGC’s New Video Series for KISS Lashes

EGC recently launched a video series for client KISS Lashes that inspires their customers to declare their individuality. The results were nothing short of eye-catching.

KISS Lashes ImageTo showcase the wide range of makeup looks one can achieve with KISS Lashes, EGC created a video series encouraging users to “own their look.” The series conveys how—with the range of KISS lash styles—the possibilities are endless. Using unique style names such as “Purple Sunset” and “Bare Chic,” we establish that KISS lashes can accentuate any style. The campaign was shot to look organic in nature, with a TikTok-style approach. The series of eight videos will run through the end of the year, with new “looks” introduced for each season. Check out the first two videos here.

Bare Chic

Purple Sunset