Watch EGC’s 2024 Marketing Budget Planning Webinar

Last week, EGC President and CEO Nicole Penn hosted a webinar that focused on how best to manage budget planning in preparation for the marketing challenges of 2024.

Budget Planning Webinar PanelJoining Nicole for were EGC team members Max Ross (Digital Marketing Manager and AI Lead), Christina Botte (Director of Social Media), and Christopher Canadeo (Director, Analytics).

The challenge

Perhaps the overall greatest challenge for marketers today is an opposite of extremes: Between current events surrounding the upcoming presidential election, the possibility of a recession, and growing usage of applying artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, the clients of marketers have become very selective as to what, where, when, and how they are willing to spend their hard-earned dollars. Conversely, the pressure is on for marketers to deliver, because despite the financial conservatism among clients, marketing spend is projected to increase in 2024—to the unprecedented amount of $1 trillion.

A paradox? Yes. The answer: Marketing spend continues to work and drive real growth for clients.

If you are a marketer and wonder how you can strengthen your efforts to promote the visibility of your clients’ messaging—while keeping a sensible budget in mind—do yourself a favor by watching the recording of this webinar, where you will likely find answers to questions you’ve either had not even considered. For instance:

Marketing approaches

There are truly effective approaches that may be applied to creating a marketing budget. Discover which approach—competitive benchmarking, percentage of revenue, goal-driven, scalable CAC (cost-per-acquisition), or top-down—would work best for your budget.

Marketing considerations

Additionally, there are important marketing considerations you must be mindful of as you prepare for 2024. Are you aware of the “big ideas” that AI encompass, as well as the power of the “creator economy”? (And those are only two out of five considerations to know about.)

What to know about AI

Yes, AI is the direction of the future, but there are safeguards that need to be taken in order to prevent a cyberattack and a backfiring of your marketing plans. For instance, learn why AI-based responses to a must consistent with the brand’s tone of voice and values, among other points.

Video, video, video

You more than likely use video to help promote the goods and services of your clients. Are you using video to the best advantage? Were you aware that vertical video (or “portrait mode”) make up more than half of worldwide video plays? Find out how and why.

The questions and “teasers” above only scratch the surface of the insights covered in the recent webinar. Again, if you were not able to attend last week, or you wish to review, check out and bookmark “Your 2024 Marketing Budget Planning Guide” from EGC.

Oh, and don’t forget to consider EGC EDGE in your marketing strategy—which is also covered in the webinar. Anticipate what steps the competition may take, and discover how to counter. The EDGE will show you how.

Here’s to a great close to 2023 and a prosperous new year!