Two Years and Counting: EGC Group Invites Hofstra University Co-Op Students

At EGC we have a mission to make a deeper connection in the community by fostering the next generation of dynamic thinkers and doers and are excited to welcome Hofstra University MBA students Courtney Hanusch (May 2020) and Jonathan O’Brien (May 2020).

For the second year and counting, our cooperative program allows graduate students to gain a seat at the table as soon as they arrive. From research and strategic planning to creative ideation and digital production, this opportunity grants these students the experience to transform their classroom learning into practical business solutions for clients. And the hiring of MBA graduate student interns brings fresh thinking and new learning through our doors.

Giving tangible, real-world experience helps these students finish out their education stronger than ever. For EGC, it represents a gold mine of energized and action-oriented next generation individuals, and we’re proud to be a part of that future.