Two New Clients Join EGC

What do a pharmaceutical company and beer importer have in common? A warm welcome as they join EGC’s growing roster of clients.

Cosette grayscale.News FeatureCosette Pharmaceuticals, located in Bridgewater, New Jersey, specializes in products related to dermatology and allergy. Cosette recently won the U.S. acquisition rights to eight branded products from Daiichi Sankyo, a global pharmaceutical company based in Japan. And, in a stroke of great serendipity, the public relations machine at EGC—with whom Cosette had just joined—delivered timely and informative press information about this pharma company’s good fortune. Complementing the public relations coverage, EGC is also providing a branding and website refresh for Cosette, which can be viewed here.

Merchant Du Vin grayscale.NewsMerchant Du Vin, is a specialty beer importer that has hired EGC to conduct market research for for one of their most historic imported craft breweries. Merchant Du Vin’s purpose for this research is to discover how this beer brand is perceived in the U.S., which in turn will give them a clearer direction in the creation of better marketing materials, messaging, and packaging for the future. Once this market research has been completed, EGC will analyze the results and create a complete 2022 marketing plan for the Merchant Du Vin team. Learn more about Merchant Du Vin here.