The “Make Peace Not War” Campaign is Making Headlines

The word about last week’s launch of the “Make Peace Not War” campaign, which EGC’s Craft Beverage Division helped create, is spreading strongly. See how positive news travels fast.

Make Peace Not War.01The “Make Peace Not War” campaign offers craft brewers the opportunity to help the people of the Ukraine in their time of need by promoting an exclusive label on their packaging. The label is made up of peace signs, flowers, birds, and the slogan: “Make Peace Not War.” Significantly, the colors of the label are primarily the yellow and blue hues that represent the Ukrainian flag.

The label is free to craft brewers who want to use it, on the condition that at least 10 percent of any proceeds be donated to efforts to help the Ukraine.

The “Make Peace Not War” movement recently received top coverage in the “Marketing Daily” section of the Media Post, and many craft brewers are joining in the support of the Ukraine, as reported by Les Luchter:

The campaign is a joint effort of EGC Group agency’s Craft Beverage Division, the First Sip Brew Box subscription service, and Hoot Design Studio, who say an additional 10 breweries are in the process of coming on board.

Additionally, this rousing support for “Make Peace Not War” was the opening to a news feature in Beer Chronicle:

With the reality of a 24/7 newsfeed, doom-scrolling, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, survivor guilt feels more real than ever before. One craft beer artist rallied some friends to use their creativity and marketing prowess to make another beer for a cause, and we want to help however we can!

Complementing this coverage to spread awareness of “Make Peace Not War” is a strong public relations campaign featuring a press release that has been taken up by a number of online periodicals. Choose your favorite from the list below to read the release:

Craft Brewing Business


Digital Journal

Are you a craft brewer who would like to participate in the “Make Peace Not War” campaign? Click here.