TechRepublic Gives Shout-Out to Raydeus

Raydeus was featured in TechRepublic as an innovative platform that lets businesses manage their local digital presence.

Tech Republic.LogoThe TechRepublic article went on to specify that—in a Google search—as many as 37 percent of business names are incorrect, 43 percent list the wrong location, and 19 percent do not include website URLs. Inaccuracies such as these will likely turn customers away, and stores, shops, and restaurants, among other places, will in turn lose business.

Nicole Penn, President of EGC and Co-Founder of Raydeus, pointed out that Raydeus has answered the call of its clients, and “saw double of the usage of the platform” during this COVID era, as people are getting business information from outside sources, apart from a business’ own website.

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