SmartBrief Features EGC’s Franchise Marketing Tips

If you own a franchise, read this article on proven methods for success by EGC President Nicole Penn that was recently published in SmartBrief.

SmartBrief logo.ii.EGC News PostA franchise owner has a double-challenge in providing top-of-the-line service to customers, as the shopping experience reflects not only on an individual store, but on the overall brand as well. Consistency across all types of messaging, Nicole points out, is key to success for a franchise. Customers are well educated where digital know-how is concerned, and franchise owners must be equally knowledgeable and practiced in order to meet expectations.

The recommended digital techniques for a successful franchise are zero-click search capability, providing a seamless user experience, a focus on localized content that is reflected in related keywords, strategic media planning and ad buys, and maintaining a good online reputation. All of these techniques are further detailed in the SmartBrief article, which you can read here.

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