Raydeus Local Featured in Newsday

Can AI chatbots boost your conversion rate? Nicole Penn, President of EGC, recently explained their effectiveness on Raydeus—a chatbot and marketing analytics platform that she founded—to Newsday.

Newsday.EGC News PostThis article covered how the rise in AI conversation chatbots correlates with the increased consumer demand for prompt and quick customer service. A panel of professionals weighed in on this topic, commenting on the present state and possible future of the use of this advanced technology.

Nicole pointed out that AI-powered intelligence, such as Raydeus Local, has indeed improved the business/consumer relationship to the point where there has been marked increase in conversions from customer contacts to sales. And the trend will only continue, as she states: “It’s a conversion aid…It hasn’t hit Main Street America, but it will.”

It is also worth noting that Raydeus offers consumers who are contacting them the option to communicate with a chatbot or live agent.

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