Nicole Penn Presents Insights to Women in Retail

Nicole Penn, President of EGC Group, published an article for Women in Retail, explaining steps businesses should take in transitioning their digital strategies, post-pandemic.

Women in Retail.News post

Although restrictions continue to lift, and businesses have resumed their operations, there is no actual going back “life as usual.” The COVID-19 pandemic changed the dynamic between businesses and customers. And these changes are reflected in the tips Nicole provides in this article, which entails the increase of “zero click searches,” the necessity for businesses to capitalize on their collected customer data, and why tasks must be automated and optimized, among other topics.

For the full in-depth explanation of these tips and how you can prepare your business, now and for the future, read Nicole’s complete article by clicking here.

And, for more insight into how the shopping experience has changed, check out this EGC-exclusive study, “Psychology Behind the Post-COVID Consumer.