New Machine from EGC Client Brother International Corporation

As part of the promotional campaign for the Luminaire 3 Innov-ís XP3 from Brother International Corporation, EGC created a promotional video that “rocks” this machine’s new features.

Brother XP3.08

In this video, fictional garage band The Honey Bees needed some colorful merch to make its presence known. So, the lead singer’s mother embroidered items on the new Luminaire 3
Innov-ís XP3 that included a cool bee-themed logo, shirts with the band’s name, a unique guitar strap, and even a tapestry to let fans know The Honey Bees were playing.

Brother XP3.02 2.05.07 PM

While “triple threat” machines that sew, quilt, and embroider are familiar to Brother crafters, the Luminaire 3 Innov-ís XP3 is a game changer. Equipped with a 10.1″ LCD touch screen where every detail can be seen clearly, the XP3 boasts 65 square inches of work space for larger projects. What truly changes the game for crafters are new features that include wireless LAN capabilities for increased efficiency and app-based features for mobile devices that expand productivity. And, with 1,500 built-in embroidery designs, 192 Disney character patterns, 695 decorative stitches, and 28 embroidery fonts—there’s a lot of productivity to expand upon!

Brother XP3.01 2.05.07 PM