New Healthcare Client Leading the Trend in Specialization

EGC is proud to partner with MSJ+Today – a US specialized urgent care practice on the West Coast – for branding and digital marketing.

MSJ+Today.blogWhile urgent care has been a growing category throughout the world, COVID-19 has dramatically shifted patient behaviors and needs. Many consumers who have aches, pains, ailments and symptoms that are related to the pandemic have concerns about going into the same waiting rooms and facilities as those with COVID-19 symptoms. Additionally, there is an increased demand for access to healthcare specialists without the typical long wait for appointments.

Enter MSJ+Today, where patients have affordable access to highly trained orthopedic specialists in a safer environment, when they need it. The team behind MSJ+Today is a leading group of practitioners who are responsible for Monterey Spine and Joint, a premier orthopedic practice that is in partnership with the San Francisco 49ers.

ortho_shoulder_xrayMSJ Today has partnered with EGC Group to assist in brand positioning, logo design, web development and digital strategy.

In order to support a time-sensitive grand opening, EGC quickly got to work on a new logo and positioning statement: “The Right Treatment, Right Now.”

EGC built a mobile-responsive live landing page that was launched prior to the grand opening of the facility in order to build the center’s online presence while the construction of a new website is under way. Our shared goal is to drive patient traffic to a telehealth service to support the business prior to the location opening.

EGC also examined and implemented the necessary solutions so that the MSJ+Today landing page is ADA compliant and accessible to users with disabilities. Having a landing page go live prior to a full site launch has aided SEO efforts and established online equity, while also collecting data and visitor insights.

MSJ+Today is also on the Raydeus platform – an exclusive platform built by EGC that supports small businesses by normalizing data across the Internet, suppressing duplicate listings, optimizing Google My Business profiles, and managing online reviews and reputation.

EGC is proud to partner with this game-changing urgent care brand. Find out more about EGC’s healthcare and wellness marketing services here.

MSJ+Today is a division of Monterey Spine and Joint, an established orthopedic practice that serves the Northern California regions of Santa Cruz and Salinas. Monterey Spine and Joint also provides services for MRI and physical therapy, in partnership with the San Francisco 49ers.