Music Organization and Healthcare System Team Up for Exciting New Wellness Program

The Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame (which is chaired by EGC Founder Ernie Canadeo) and EGC client Catholic Health have teamed up for a very special venture.

Catholic Health EGC WeeklyWho would have thought that a partnership between a healthcare system and a cultural arts organization could work so well? Yet that is exactly what Catholic Health and Long Island Music and Entertainment of Fame (a.k.a. LIMEHOF) have accomplished. Together, these organizations have joined forces to promote how music can have a positive effect on health through the “Health and Harmony” program.

“Healthy and Harmony” enlists the aid of music therapists and other professionals whose aim is to help improve the overall emotional well-being of people through carefully designed playlists that match their particular moods, seminars, podcasts, and other methods of creating well-being through the power of music.

Read more details about this unique partnership and, if interested in taking a self-assessment to receive a playlist, visit the Health and Harmony site.