Meet Tony Pasquariello, Account Supervisor at EGC Group

The EGC Group represents a diverse roster of clients in verticals that include retail, education, automotive, healthcare, and legal, among others. It takes a versatile account supervisor to be able to handle clients in such a wide a range of industries. Meet Tony Pasquairello, who has this kind of versatility. Tony discusses his extensive career at EGC, the shift from traditional to digital advertising, and also offers advice to younger professionals.

Tony P.News PostYou’ve been with EGC for over 20 years! What do you love the most about our Agency?

I’m actually starting my 25th year here, and the thing that I have loved most about EGC is its most important asset: The people. We always seem to attract the greatest talent and personalities. This has made it a pleasure to come to work every day for these past 25 years!

Media channels’ shift toward digital comes with a lot of learning and adapting. How do you stay on top of best practices?  

I subscribe to daily industry smart briefs from the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), SmartBriefs on Social Business, as well as category-specific smart briefs such as those in “Automotive News” and “FM Today.” Finally, I check around online to see what other companies are doing.

What advice do you have for our younger professionals?

Immerse yourself into the industry. You are either all in or all out!