Meet Tina Zhen, Account Supervisor at EGC

Arriving at EGC in 2014 as an Account Manager, Tina Zhen received a well-deserved promotion earlier this year to Account Supervisor. She oversees and handles accounts as varied as Brother International Corporation to one of EGC’s more recent clients, Glasshouse Fragrances. Tina wears many hats at EGC, one of which has earned her the added title of “Resident Crafter,” as she studies and tests the new products produced by Brother’s Craft Division. In this Q&A, Tina comments on changing consumer behaviors and trends, the projects she enjoys most, and her artistic side.

Meet Tina Zhen

Media mix shifted as consumer behaviors changed as a result of the pandemic. What trends did you see among your clients?

We saw a fast acceleration to our ever-growing digital market. Brick-and-mortar stores needed to learn how to pivot to contactless interactions by using more digital spaces. There was also a greater need for video content that replaced in-person interactions. 

What type of client projects do you find the most fulfilling?

This one is easy! Content creation  . I love the inspirational piece that speaks to a consumer. Telling a story that the end user can relate to can be so powerful and rewarding.

You have an artistic side that is very useful for website development. How do you maintain those creative juices?

I like to call it “digi shopping.” I look at it as an exploration and applying a journey through the lens of an end user. You then begin to build a map of all the different variables of where things can happen and when.