Meet Shannon Duer, Social Media Manager at EGC

The basic foundation of social media is communication, of which Shannon Duer is an expert. Having professionally managed many aspects of social before joining EGC, Shannon communicates the challenges of keeping on top of emerging (and changing) trends and what she takes pride and satisfaction in her role as Social Media Manager.

Shannon DuerWorking on the social media team, you are quite often faced with having to keep up and adapt to different media trends. How do you stay informed with these ever so changing trends?

I find that simply being on social media every day—for work and for my own pleasure—helps me keep up with the different media trends in real time. I’m constantly scrolling through the Feed or looking at competitor accounts to see what other people/companies are posting about. When I do come across a new trend, I like to research how people are contributing and think of different ways our clients can be a part of it. It’s easy to stay informed when your work is something you enjoy doing on your downtime as well.

What aspect of your role as a Social Media Manager do you enjoy the most?

As a Social Media Manager, what I enjoy the most is coming up with content for such a wide scope of clients that are all so different. From banking and lifestyle to health/wellness and design, I love tapping into my creative side to come up with engaging posts and captions that help achieve our clients’ goals—to successfully engage their target audiences and build a loyal following. We’re the voice behind each brand we represent, so it’s important to be able to adjust your tone accordingly.

What is your favorite way of celebrating a job well done?

My favorite way of celebrating a job well done is to smile about it and use it as my motivation moving forward!