Meet Rob Cortigino, Web Developer at EGC

Rob Cortigino is celebrating his 20-year anniversary at EGC. During that time, he has seen practically every changing trend that has influenced advertising. In his role as Web Developer at EGC, Rob is well-versed in all things digital. Find out what he thinks have been the greatest changes in advertising, and the role of working remotely in the COVID-19 era, among other topics.

Rob.Cortigino.Employee Spotlight

This is your 20-year anniversary with EGC! What are some significant digital marketing shifts—for EGC, clients, and the industry—that have been made since you started?

I entered the industry when print media was the primary source of advertising and marketing, but in the 20+ years in the industry, I’ve seen the move away from print to digital until finally digital has dominated both advertising and marketing. (And, on a side note, digital has also become the primary source of entertainment for many people, via streaming media and online gaming, as two examples.)

You’ve worked fully remote in recent years. When the rest of staff had to pivot and work from home during the pandemic, did you notice anything that resulted from this arrangement that proved to be more efficient?  

I think we have become better connected and organized as a group. Due to social distancing and the necessity to continuing working, everyone at the agency has become more proficient with many online tools that were created for the purpose of working remotely. We have utilized these new tools to easily communicate with each other and our clients. We also use production tools such as Basecamp and Slack to better organize projects and communicate with the team to increase production efficiency. With everyone on board, it is now easier and more efficient to set up an online meeting than a location-based meeting—with much less setup time and cost.

What do you think is the most important trend for email marketing in 2021?

I think personalization is probably the most important trend in email marketing for 2021. I think it has become more important during the pandemic (and will continue to do so after) as a way to help reconnect with our clients/customers on a more personal level. Considering that most communicating at this time is done through Zoom or some other virtual space, making something that’s digital as personal as it can be helps to close the distancing and strengthen the connection. And personalized emails are a perfect example to accomplish this.