Meet Max Ross, Digital Account Manager at EGC

One of the trends brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic—and now the “new normal”—is the remote work setting. In the case of Max Ross, Florida is his home, where he performs his duties as Digital Account Manager at EGC in New York. A graduate of Florida International University, Max is well versed in all aspect of digital marketing, from content creation to lead prospecting. Here is what he has to say about the challenges as well as the benefits of working remotely.

Max RossBeing a fully remote employee comes with both challenges and benefits. What is one challenge and one benefit for you?

Challenge: Building an in-person working relationship with my fellow coworkers.
Benefit: I get to be a member of the EGC team, even while residing in Florida.

What is your favorite—or most rewarding part—about being a Digital Account Manager?

The ability to collaborate with multiple departments at EGC.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying that reflects your personal philosophy?

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse