Meet Jim Pasqualone, Senior Director of Digital Growth

In the two years he has been with the EGC Group, Jim Pasqualone has quickly won over our clients with his expertise on paid search and proven track record in digital growth. Check out Jim’s insights on topics ranging from search in the COVID-19 era to EGC’s listing management platform: Raydeus.

How has COVID-19 changed the search landscape?

While COVID-19 has certainly had negative impacts on overall search demand for certain categories/keywords, it has had two key positive impacts on the overall search landscape. First, it provided more efficient CPC (cost-per-click) opportunities as competitive pressure declined, and as many advertisers ceased and paused activity. Those who were able to sustain support and continue to advertise were met with more efficient cost-per-clicks than previously seen. Secondly, advertisers took a deeper dive into their media channels and scrutinized their media dollars even further. Agencies that had been on cruise control were exposed and advertisers saw the value of an agency like EGC that were responsive and proactive with their search dollars.

What do you love about what you do?

My favorite part about what I do is launching new campaigns/ideas and seeing them grow and thrive over time. I feel like the campaigns that I create are my babies, and I watch them and nurture them until they can live on their own. That’s satisfying.

We’re hearing a lot of talk about Raydeus. Tell us about it.

Raydeus is whatever you need it to be to support your local business’ marketing efforts digitally: Quick content creation, accurate information dissemination across platforms about your business, paid media support—and all with the capability to view and visualize your performance in one platform. Our clients can pick and choose what aspects they need the most help with and we can adapt to their needs quickly