Meet Jamie Erhardt, Account Supervisor at EGC

Jamie Erhardt is among the impressive roster of “boomerang employees” at EGC: She worked here for a while, moved to the city for a while, but returned to this Agency as an Account Supervisor. In this Q & A, Jamie discusses a memorable campaign she managed, digital marketing trends she believes will become popular, and her inspiration in balancing a career and family.

Jamie new image

You’ve been with EGC for nearly 10 years—and this is your “second tour”! What EGC campaign or project are you particularly fond of? Why?

Back in 2014, we created a commercial for our client Emerging Vision. It was shot at this incredible loft in Brooklyn that also had a rooftop setting. We were there until one o’clock in the morning, but it was worth it. In fact, someone we cast as a lead in the spot went on to do VERY big things with his career. It was wonderful to be a part of it.

The shift of media channels toward digital comes with a lot of learning and adapting. Which current marketing trend do you think is on the rise? Or, which current marketing trend do you think is on the way out? Why?

I think shoppable posts and social commerce are on the rise for sure. These give people a click-to-buy option on platforms like Instagram—minimizing dropoff and friction while maximizing opportunities for sales. Now, consumers are more willing to buy products through ads they see in their feeds—especially from reputable brands.

As a working mom, you are a role model to your daughter. Who is your role model? Why?

My own mother is definitely a big role model for me. She’s really kind and has a great work ethic. Gone are the days when women feel as if they have to make a choice between a career and kids. I honestly have the best of both worlds: A career that I love and wonderful home life with my husband and daughter. I hope to show Emma that she can be whatever she dreams of, and can do so while having a family of her own. Anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard for it.