Meet Elena (Lainie) Doxey, Content Writer

What do granite surfaces and flight schools have in common? They are only two—of many—subjects that content writer Elena Doxey dives into each day. By researching the latest trends to writing engaging copy, she’s makes versatility look easy! (And please, call her Lainie.)

Elena Doxey,EGC News

As a content writer, you create copy for a range of clients. How do you shift your writing styles from one client to another?

I suppose you can say I “wear a different hat” with every assignment. I love how every day is a new story—literally. It’s the greatest part of my job. As an experienced public relations writer, I was trained to learn how to write for various mediums, which requires different writing styles. I love how that on one day I’m writing about the latest trends in countertops, and then launching into an industry news story on aviation on the next day!

Whose feedback is most important when it comes to a piece of content?

The client’s feedback and the feedback from those I have interviewed for personal spotlight articles mean the most to me. I’m a storyteller. The greatest feeling is reading an email from one of them expressing their appreciation of how I wrote their story with the utmost integrity while capturing the true emotion behind their words. Truly, the story is in the details.

What’s the one word that describes you perfectly?