Meet Doug Bartow, Senior Art Director

Meet Doug Bartow, Senior Art Director at EGC Group. He has won four Retail Ad Council awards and has been the brains behind many retail campaigns you’ve seen.

doug (2012)What three words best describe you?

Call me “The Mountain Man!” When I’m not in the office tweaking ad designs, you will find me in the woods or on the water – and with a camera in hand. I’ve not only trekked miles of outdoor terrain (including night-skiing – without lights!), but even after several decades, I continue to challenge myself to navigate the everchanging creative landscape. I enjoy being behind-the-scenes on beautifully executed print and video campaigns for EGC clients that include Sterling Optical, Site for Sore Eyes, Mavis Discount Tire, and Country Carpet. I’m proud to have four Retail Ad Council awards under my belt and being able to apply my knowledge of brick-and-mortar merchandising to give value to EGC’s retail clients. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always knew that I would be an artist. I started in the advertising business just as the real “Mad Men” were fading away. And as marketing has moved away from traditional media, I’m embracing newer communications and I enjoy learning new ways of reaching people. We’ll always need advertising. The names may change. The ways of reaching people may change. But basic branding will always be around.

Is there a marketing/advertising campaign – past or present – that you particularly admire or hold up as a gold standard?

Progressive and Geico are inspirational examples of brands that do it right. They both follow my philosophy of simple messaging that’s delivered with a ton of creativity. An EGC project I was proud to have been a part of was the Canon SELPHY: The Treasure Hunt campaign, which was based on a true story. I like to use my expertise behind the camera and my attention to detail to ensure we capture a brand’s identity and give the viewer a short but complete understanding of the product or service. Whether it’s directing a campaign or woodworking, I feel that my understanding and love of functional art brings stories to life.

Treasure Hunt