Meet Courtney Hanusch, Marketing Analyst at EGC

Courtney Hanusch first came to EGC as an intern in January of 2020, when she was an MBA student from Hofstra University. This was mutually beneficial, as Courtney later joined the EGC team as a marketing analyst. In this Q& A, Courtney offers her thoughts on the biggest changes in consumer behavior that resulted from COVID-19, far-reaching marketing trends, and the greatest challenges her job presents.

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From a research point of view, what have been the most dramatic changes in consumer behavior since the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our view of health has dramatically shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic. We are no longer defining health as solely our physical well-being. For many individuals, the isolation due to the stay-at-home restrictions led to serious conversations concerning mental health. Now that physical, mental, and emotional health are looked at as equally important, brands are refining their product messages to highlight what they can offer to the consumer.

Are there any current marketing trends that you believe will continue far into the future?

Younger generations are challenging brands to prioritize cooperation over competition. Brand transparency and sustainability will continue to the point where doing business without a purpose is not an option. Later in the year, we will see the leading global brands publish annual sustainability reports, along with their forward-looking ambitions. Additionally, these same brands are standing behind the values their core consumers care about the most.  It’s safe to say that almost every business has reevaluated or reworked how they conduct business in some way.

What do you find are the most challenging aspects of being a marketing analyst? And, what aspects are the most rewarding?

The most challenging aspect centers on those businesses that come to the table with a fixed belief about the market. My role—and goal—is to help these businesses make informed decisions about their market. I’m testing hypotheses—the questions our business leaders want to learn more about. Naturally, some leaders already “think” they know the answer and come with preconceived notions about what the data will say. The data, however, might tell us otherwise. It even might go completely against what leaders wanted to hear.

The most rewarding aspect is that there is always something to learn in this job. New trends transform the way we attract, connect with, and market to people. The beauty of this position is that it’s not just about research and analysis, but also about telling a story with the results and providing strategic forward thinking.


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