Meet Christie Bacchioni, Digital Account Manager at EGC Group

In the new normal where many people are working from home, it can be challenging to evenly manage a work/life balance, which has become necessary like never before. Christie Bacchioni, Digital Account Manager at EGC, offers her insights gleaned from personal experience at being a wife, mother, and home-based professional, along with observations on how consumer behavior has changed during the era of COVID-19.

Christie.NewTell us about being a working mom to a toddler during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It can be challenging at times! My husband and I are both working from home fulltime, and for the first six months of the pandemic, we had our two-year-old home with us for four days out of the workweek. There was a lot of pull, backandforth, between meetings, getting work done, and making sure she had enough attention, had all the fun sensory activities to keep her busy and learning, and to be available for her. She went from being in nursery school full-time and having all-day stimulation, to being at home. So, it was an adjustment for her as well. Even though it can get a little crazy, it’s ultimately been amazing, and I wouldn’t trade this for anything. She’s gotten used to being home with us while we’re working, especially now that she’s a little older. Fortunately, I find I can be really productive with work and get to spend more time with my favorite girl! 

Media mix shifted as consumer behaviors changed during the pandemic. What trends did you see among your clients? 

In the beginning, around March and April, I saw a pause or significant decrease in media spend among all of my clients. Instead, the focus became on inbound marketing. We worked with clients to develop magnetic content in order to increase organic search and thought-leadership in their respective verticals. A silver lining is that clients tried new initiatives they have never tried before, such as starting a podcast and launching a first-ever “email nurturing” series to capture new leads in the market. Media spend has since picked back up, which is even better now that there is brand new proprietary content to work with and promote in media channels.

Do you have any fun plans for the upcoming holiday season?

This year obviously looks a lot different than usual – for everyone. Our goal is to stay healthy, and do as many special holiday activities as we can. Harper’s at a great age where everything is exciting, even if it’s just driving around and looking at the holiday lights around the neighborhood. We’ll see our immediate family as well over the holidays, which will be nice and laid back!