Meet Chris Collora, Public Relations Video Manager at EGC Group

Before becoming EGC’s Public Relations Video Manager, Chris Collora had a rich and varied career. He’s been a journalist in print and television and for online publications, and has even written a book. Find out Chris’ insights on adapting to working in PR during the era of COVID-19 and impact of digital conversion.

Chris Collora

You’ve been in the business for a long time. What is your proudest moment?

I’ve switched careers and actually spent most of my time in news as a print, TV, and online reporter/video journalist and cameraman. During that time, I won many journalism awards that I’m proud of, including a Folio award. Also, I’m proud of having published my book, “Long Island Historic Houses of the South Shore,” in 2013. I formally switched to public relations (PR) in 2015, and have enjoyed being on the other side. In the past five years, I’m proud of the placements I’ve made and all the successful pitches that have shared new developments to help clients make their stories known to the public. I’ve had a wide range of clients, but I am particularly proud of my PR campaign for This was an impactful nationwide campaign to raise awareness of a “GoFundMe” style website for police who wanted to purchase body cameras through donation efforts for their departments.

Working-from-home has its challenges, but what benefit has it had on your role in public relations?

While PR does require a lot of face-to-face time, a majority of the hours are spent in coordination with news outlets via email and phone pitching. So, working remotely works quite well. Everyone is more open to setting up Zoom and phone consultations in place of formal meetings. And the time that would’ve been spent on the road, traveling to and from destinations, is now used more efficiently.

We recently talked about the impact of PR on digital conversion. Tell us about its importance – especially for this year.

Building up brand awareness and reputation through the press and sharing current and new developments is very important, especially now.

The year 2020 has been chaotic for news – between the pandemic, natural disasters, protests, and election news. As a result, the media’s attention is fleeting. With shorter news cycles and less staff reporting on non-headlining news, make sure your story stands out. When done tactfully, those efforts will take advantage of a highly-engaged audience who are now attached to their devices, more than they ever were before.