Meet Angela Mertz, EGC’s Vice President of Integrated Media

In her more than 20 years at EGC Group, Angela Mertz has developed a laser-focused determination to exceed client expectations. Clients, in return, admire her ability to navigate the twists and turns of a campaign, and how to change course in order to enhance the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Angela-MertzThe recent pandemic has brought about twists and turns for everyone. Here, Angela offers her views on adapting to the challenges of COVID-19, as well as balancing work life with family life.

As a media planner, what did you find the most challenging during the pandemic?

Actually, as a media planner, the pandemic provided the best opportunity. CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) and CPCs (cost per clicks) were at their lowest, TV and streaming audiences were at their highest, and all media partners were creating high-value packages. I suppose the biggest challenge was watching helplessly while clients were unable to open their doors, as well as not being able to secure product inventory that came from overseas, as two examples.

Tell us about being a working mom in the time of COVID-19.

I am blessed that my children are out of elementary school; therefore, I really didn’t have the challenges of trying to work and homeschool. I was almost glad that my kids got a front row seat to how hard I work, and what good work ethic looks like. Suddenly though, they expected three meals a day. I was used to only being responsible for dinner!

What is something you learned in 2020 that you are taking with you into 2021?

Several things. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you should do today; what tomorrow looks like is unknown. From a media perspective, I know the marketing partners and platforms that are essential. But most of all, family and good health is everything.

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